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Something FAB is Happening for &VM!

Exciting news! Ampersand Vintage Modern will be featured on in the not-too-distant future!!!

Yeah, we’re pretty stoked about it.

fab logo

If you’re not familiar with Fab, you should definitely check ’em out. They feature a daily assortment of design-focused products for cool people just like you! We recently got an e-mail from one of their buyers to see if we wanted to be part of their weekly “Vintage Mondays” pop-up shop. After we did a little dance in Clytie’s living room, we kindly accepted the offer.

We’ve been working diligently to find just the right pieces for our Fab collection. You’ll see that everything has been specially selected and curated for the sale, and we can’t wait to share it with you!!

As our Fab debut approaches, we’ll be giving you a heads-up with more details and maybe a sneak peek. So, make sure that you register on their site and we’ll keep you posted!!


Thank you!


To Market, To Market, To Buy Something Vintage…

drill hall somerville flea market banner

Great news, friends! This month, Ampersand Vintage Modern will be setting up shop for two days only at the Drill Hall Flea Market in Somerville, MA. The flea market is a bi-monthly event that takes place every other Sunday at the Armory. If you’ve never been to the Armory, you can’t miss it. Just look for the large, white fortress-like structure at 191 Highland Avenue.

somerville armory

We’ve signed up for the flea market this Sunday, April 15th and again on April 29th. We would love to see you, so swing by and say hello! There will be lots of vintage modern wares to choose from–some from our website and some that you’ve never seen. I’m trying to talk Clytie into doing face-painting…we’ll see.

If I were you, I’d make a day of it! Not from the neighborhood, no problem! Drive or take the Red line T to Davis Square. Walk up Highland, and be sure to stop off at 3 Little Figs for a coffee and tasty pastry. Then, you’ll be ready to make some deals at the flea market. You may want to stretch first. After you’ve spent your monthly allowance at the &VM booth, stroll over to Highland Kitchen for lunch, and to chat with your friends about all of the fabulous goodies you just scored and how charming we are! Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!

Announcement: 30% Off Spring Sale and New Goods in the Shop!

Ampersand Vintage Modern Sale Illustration Robash

One of my favorite things about this time of year is opening up the windows, letting in the fresh air, and doing a thorough spring cleaning! Here at Ampersand Vintage Modern, we’re taking part in our own housekeeping of sorts to make room for some new vintage goodness.

Be sure to check out both the new and sale merchandise that’s just been updated. You never know, that piece you’ve been keeping your eye on the past few months may be 30% off!

Thanks so much!

Special shout-out to Jess Robash, our stellar graphic designer for the amazing new illustration!

Snapshot: Treasure Hunting!

Not only do we have the nicest and best dressed customers, but you are also very patient. It’s been a few weeks since our last shop update, and we’ve been feverishly making the rounds and searching for cool pieces. We were also able to fulfill a few requests, so keep ‘em coming! There will be an update in the next week or two, so make sure that you find us on Facebook or sign-up for our mailing list.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek…

ampersand new inventory snapshot

Decorating with…Maps!

For me, one of the most daunting design challenges comes in facing an expanse of blank white wall. If I were an Unhappy Hipster, I could embrace the void – but as it is, the shear emptiness taunts me. What are you going to do? If you put a single print up, is it going to get lost? If you fill it up with a cluster of smaller prints, is it going to get too busy? Vintage and contemporary maps offer a great alternative for approaching those larger blank spots in your home, providing an immediate impact without forcing you to take out a second mortgage. Most older, pull-down maps can be between 4 to 5 feet wide in size, much larger than a standard print or painting. They also generally cost less than $300 – so for the price of framing a much smaller piece you get something twice the size that doesn’t need to be framed. Score!

black write on mapschool map in the kitchen

pull down school mapsouth america map

We love vintage maps! Here's the one hanging in our dining room.

If you’re looking for something smaller, or more contemporary, chances are there’s a map that’s going to appeal to you as well. A wide range of graphic designers have approached mapping in nearly every way imaginable – taking advantage of the inherent interplay of linework with text and using it to create some truly striking imagery.

these are things boston neighborhood

"These Are Things" Neighborhood Maps are Pretty Awesome!

boston neighborhood map detail

europe yellow map

Once on the wall, maps trigger the imagination like all good art does. Sitting on our couch, I often find my head drifting towards our simple United States roadmap, sucked into the maze of lines and colors that tell their own story. “Pascagoula”, “St. George”, “Ticonderoga”, “Black Mountain” – the names bring me back to places I’ve been and lead me to places I never knew existed.

mississippi river mapnautical maps

map over bed

If you would like to add some personality to your empty walls, check out the cool and quirky vintage maps, globes, and German educational charts now available at the Ampersand Vintage Modern webshop.

Photos courtesy of Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, These Are Things, and Elle Decor. Thanks!

Snapshot: Cathrineholm Collection

cathrinehom viking

It’s hard to fit in when you look different. Here’s our newest Cathrineholm pot: navy blue with rare viking pattern.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

We’ve been laying low the past couple of weeks. Sorry for the lack of updates to the blog and shop. We were battling what we started calling the “Amperflu.” It wasn’t pretty. But, we’re over it now, better than ever, and ready to bring you some new goods!

To tide you over, I’ve compiled the following snapshots from a recent photoshoot. Enjoy!!!

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