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Decorating with…Vintage Pulleys!

vintage pulleys at ampersand vintage modern

Displayed on their own or as part of a grouping, vintage pulleys can become really cool, sculptural pieces of art. The combination of the distressed wood and aged patina on the metal adds a rustic and industrial element to any room. We recently added a selection of old pulleys to the Ampersand Vintage Modern shop.

large iron pulley at ampersand vintage modern

wooden pulley at ampersand vintage modern

vintage pulley collection at ampersand vintage modern

While they serve as artifacts and evoke a bygone time in our history, vintage pulleys aren’t just nice to look at—they’re incredibly functional. Granted, you probably won’t be hooking them up to use on a ship or to lift bales of hay, but there are interesting and unique ways they can be used as decorative options around your home.

Something as simple as propping up books on a shelf looks amazing with pulley bookends!

vintage pulley bookends

Photo credit: Mamie Jane’s blog

These upcycled lighting fixtures made from old pulleys are pretty awesome (and probably would be pretty easy to duplicate)!

vintage pulley lightvintage pulley light 2

vintage pulley light 3

Photo credit: wendyumanoffstyle blog

vintage pulley light 4

Photo credit: Benclif Designs

Anytime something needs to be suspended from your ceiling or wall, adding a pulley makes it way cooler.

vintage pulley art display

Vintage pulley art display. Photo credit:

vintage pulley mirror hanging

Bathroom mirror installation. Photo credit:

vintage pulley pendant light

Hanging a pendant light. Photo credit: Cottage at Rooster Ridge

vintage pulley and lantern display

Great way to display two collections: pulleys and lanterns. Photo credit: Serendipity Refined.

However you decide to use or display these old pulleys, they’re a great conversation starter and an easy way to add a little history and industrial charm to your decor. Thanks for looking!


Shop Bulletin: Inventory Update of Olympic Proportions!

We’ve been busy little bees at Ampersand Vintage Modern. Granted, we’ve lapsed in our synchronized diving training, but Clytie nailed a dismount off the porch the other day that was worthy of at least a Bronze. Actually, we’ve been working non-stop at photographing and cataloging a mountain of vintage, industrial, rustic and mid-century modern furniture and goods that would make anyone cheer.

We are very excited to share these items with you, because we know you’re going to love em! Over the next couple of months, we will updating the shop on a weekly basis with a random assortment of some of these freshly picked wares.

Here’s a peek at just a few of the new items we just added to the shop today:

ampersand new inventory tease

There is lots more to come. So, make sure you set yourself a reminder and check back often! Also, don’t forget that you can always make a request. It’s free, and it gives us an excuse to do more shopping!

FABulous Summer News for Ampersand Vintage Modern!

Happy Summer, Amperfans! We hope that you are enjoying the warm weather: getting together with friends and family for backyard barbecues, road trips, beach days, naps in hammocks, front porch people watching…and altogether happy summertime memory making.

Here at Ampersand Vintage Modern, we’ve been busy hunting and gathering truckloads of the coolest vintage, mid-century, rustic, and industrial wares! Some of these gems have made their way into an amazing new collection that will be showcased on next week.

fab logo banner

That’s right, starting at 7pm on Monday, July 30, we will be featured in’s week-long vintage pop-up shop—mark your calendars! We are beyond excited to partner with such a cool and design-focused company as You should definitely check them out! Here’s a glimpse at our Fab sale that goes live on Monday.

ampersand fab tease 1

Oh, okay, here’s some more…

ampersand fab tease 2

Thanks for looking! There’s plenty more to see on Monday!!

Snapshot: Vintage Stars and Stripes!

No Independence Day celebration would be complete without a backyard barbecue, friends & family, sparklers…and the Stars and Stripes proudly displayed!

vintage american flags

Show your patriotic pride this 4th of July with this collection of vintage “parade style” 48-star American flags. Set of 8, with one slightly larger than the rest.

Local pick-up is available. Send us an e-mail if you are interested or for more information.

Decorating with…Vintage Typewriters!

This weekend, we hosted a barbecue for friends and family. Delaney, an adorable 7-year-old girl, asked to go inside to meet our cats. When we brought her in, she commented on the old Underwood typewriter in our half-room. “Wow!” she said. “That’s just like Kit Kittredge’s computer!” I had to laugh, because for kids who were born after 2000, how would they know what a typewriter is? Sure, they may have seen them used in movies and television, but unless they’re Amish they would have no need for one…ever!

smith corona underwood typewriters

The antique Underwood on the right (aka: Kit Kittredge’s “computer”) belonged to my grandfather.

However, there is something incredibly interesting and nostalgic about decorating with typewriters. If you’re around my age, it may remind you of when you were learning how to type in junior high school. I didn’t learn on one of the cool, vintage styles like those we carry at Ampersand Vintage Modern, but the feel and function were the same.

vintage blue smith corona silent super typewriter

Baby blue vintage Smith Corona recently sold at Ampersand Vintage Modern.

Likewise,  typewriters are distinctly cool and innately inspiring. Kerouac, Hemingway, Miller–they all created masterpieces while pounding away  at their manual Underwoods, Royals, or Smith Coronas for hours and hours. It wouldn’t nearly be as cool if the original manuscript for On the Road were saved on a flash drive somewhere rather than an amazing 120-foot typed scroll!

kerouac typing

Jack Kerouac typing at his Underwood.

Whatever your decorating style: mid-century, vintage, industrial, Mad Men, retro–a perfectly placed typewriter will add visual interest and serve as a casual conversation starter.

decorating with typewriters 1

This guy fits seamlessly into a grouped collection.

decorating with typewriters 2

As bookends…GREAT idea!

decorating with typewriters 3

Interesting contrast between the dark, heavy typewriter and the soft, green plants.

decorating with typewriters 4

On a desk…classic.

decorating with typewriters 5

I have a mini-obsession with sofa tables. This is one is just right.

decorating with typewriters 6

Propped on an old school chair–unexpected and cool.

decorating with typewriters 7

Simple and elegant.

decorating with typewriters 8

Layered awesomeness.

decorating with typewriters 9

Organized clutter…love it.

decorating with typewriters 10

This Greek typewriter is fun…look closely.

Photos courtesy of Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge, The Smithy Upstate..thank you!

&VM Spring Sale Ends on Sunday!

ampersand vintage modern spring sale 30 off

Hey Everyone! We just wanted to give you a heads up that the Ampersand Vintage Modern Spring Sale will be ending on Sunday, May 6th. There is still a slew of marked-down wares looking for good homes. So, you can get your vintage groove on and save up to 30% off in the process!

Here is a random sampling of some sale items that are currently still available:

florida sunshine decorative plate

Florida Sunshine Decorative Plate

brass number stencil

Vintage Brass Number Stencil

ge stove letterpress block

GE Stove Letterpress Block

antique magic lantern glass slides

Antique Magic Lantern Glass Slides

boys scouts of america first aid tin

Boy Scouts of America First Aid Tin

milk glass jars with red lids

Milk Glass Jars with Red Lids


And there is plenty more where that came from…

Snapshot: Ampersand Vintage Modern’s Fab Collection

fab logo banner

Mark your calendars! Ampersand Vintage Modern will be featured on on Monday, May 7th!! We will be part of their week-long vintage pop-up shop that begins at 7pm on Mondays. We are beyond excited for this opportunity to partner with Fab. If you haven’t already, make sure you sign-up in advance, so that you’ll get first dibs when the sale starts!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been bad about keeping a secret. Some of the pieces for this special collection have been tucked away for months. Of course, the grand unveiling will take place next Monday, but here’s a little glimpse at a few pieces to pique your curiosity…

corona portable typewriterindustrial metal credenzavintage floor fan

vintage locker basketsaluminum sign lettersvintage factory cart

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned!!

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