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Decorating with…Yellow!

Decorating with color can be a daunting undertaking. The reason is because there is a fine line between too much and too little. Not enough color—white walls and beige furniture—can feel cold and sterile; overdo it and your room may end up looking like something from the set of Punky Brewster.

I have been obsessed with the color yellow lately. Maybe it’s a carryover from that happy feeling I get in spring when the forsythia are in full bloom, but I find myself drawn to it. Whether I’m clicking through a sneak peek on Design*Sponge or pinning on Pinterest, I love the instant warmth it brings to any room–like concentrated sunshine!

Many people are afraid of decorating with color, particularly strong, bright colors, like yellow. But, I say, have no fear! Injecting a pop of yellow into your décor won’t mean that you’ll be required to put on sunglasses before entering the room. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with and the look you’re going for. Start off small, with a bowl of lemons or a tall vase filled with sunflowers.

The easiest way to try out a new color in a room is with the accessories and artwork. A yellow lamp or pillow is unexpected and fun!

restyleshop etsy cathrineholm yellow

Since yellow can be bold, the natural inclination is to hold back. However, I challenge you not to limit yourself! Even if you’re painting or wallpapering, push your design boundaries and go big!

yellow bedroom accessories

Regardless of your comfort level, it’s always better to take a risk. Remember, you can always edit later. Your home is an extension of who you are. Look beyond the four white walls and use color to create a space that truly reflects your style and personality. And before you know it, you’ll be choosing pieces because of their vibrant color!

heartfish press etsy

Photos courtesy of Design*Sponge, Etsy, Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, and Tara Bellucci. Thank you!


&VM’s “Better Half” Featured on Apartment Therapy!

apartment therapy logo

Of course, by “better half” I am referring to the beautiful, ginger-headed…REX!  Haha, I’m kidding! He is adorable, but I would really like to direct your attention to the lovely home he shares with his mamas, Clytie & Claudia.

apartment therapy clytie ampersand

After viewing this Apartment Therapy house tour, it will come as no surprise why I had to be patted down and my bag searched the first few times I hung out at Clytie’s place–there are SO many interesting and cool objects and vintage goodness around every corner!!! Starting Ampersand Vintage Modern was kind of a no brainer.

Enjoy! And let her know what you think! 

We’ve Been Nominated…

apartment therapy the homies

We are so excited and flattered that our Ampersand Vintage Modern blog has been nominated for Apartment Therapy’s 2012 Best Home Design Blog, a.k.a. The Homies, contest.

Click here to check out the competition and vote for us!

Thanks so much!!

&VM Featured on Apartment Therapy!!!

Apartment Therapy

We hope that you’ve had the chance to check out the new vintage goods (is that an oxymoron?) we added to the online shop yesterday. If not you should definitely take a minute to peruse the merchandise. There are some really cool pieces, if I do say so myself!

That’s not the only big news that happened yesterday! Also, Ampersand Vintage Modern got a shout-out on Apartment Therapy! So cool!

You can read the very nice review by Tara Bellucci here:

Thanks, Tara!

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