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As One Door Closes, Another One Opens.

Clytie Sadler Photography owner taking pictures

Over the last year and a half Ampersand Vintage Modern reached 65,000 people from all corners of the earth. From Mongolia to Jamaica to the Yukon to Phoenix, Arizona. The support our Amperfans gave us was nothing short of amazing. Sadly, we are closing the doors on the shop permanently; I hope everyone has enjoyed the ride as much as we have.  The reason is simple, from a financial standpoint, the economy took its toll and from an energy standpoint running the Ampersand business and brand wore me out. This gig is a lot of work.  Day-to-day you’re a data manager, a website designer, a code writer, a blogger, a social media marketer, a business administrator, a buyer, a picker, a product stylist, a creative director, a PR machine, a DIYer, a handyman, a shipping department, a logistics guru, a photographer, and a photo editor. Phew.

This is not at all what we had initially planned. When we first set out on this journey Andy and I envisioned bringing a lifestyle to Ampersand’s blog and shop. We looked to pair fun and unexpected flair to those mid-century lines we loved so much with the industrial and vintage pieces we carried. We strove to create a brand that brought our customers “Vintage Goods for Modern Living.”  It’s what we loved and we hope our passion came through while we were able to bring it to you.

Making this decision is one of hardest things I’ve ever done. It’s a dream that was difficult to let go of, not only because we worked so incredibly hard the last two years but also because I gave up my career to start Ampersand. Having given up my career may sound crazy to many, but I still walk away knowing it’s the wisest decision I ever made because it’s allowed me the chance to become passionate about new things.

In an effort to make my life less crazy, I’ve decided to stick with a few things and do them with a lot more dedication. I have fallen back in love with photography and learned that I have an affinity for product styling, social media, and small business marketing. The future looks bright: I will be doing part-time ecommerce consulting to develop a social media marketing program for a small, local business.  My real focus will be on photography and I’m psyched to have already picked up my first commercial gig. You can check out my developing new photography blog here and if you’re interested in my photography story you can read more on my About page.

From my clients, to our fun and loyal Amperfans, and everyone I’ve met along the way, I can attest that the connections I’ve made over the last two years have kept me moving forward and are now moving me forward in new directions. You all have been wonderful cheerleaders. The encouragement has been incredible, so thank you. A couple more shout-outs: Jess Robash, you have done such savvy design work for us since the beginning, thank you.  Keyse Angelo and Tara Bellucci, you guys were truly instrumental in launching this business into the interweb and helping us get found. To the Somerville crew, you know who you are; you guys truly helped us raise the bar by being such great sounding boards and swooped in to help Ampersand and me at my wedding. I also want to thank my freelance writer Jilly and my right-hand man, Greg who worked tremendously hard during this transition period. You guys really helped keep me afloat when I was spread so thin.

And in closing, I’m saving the biggest thank you for  my wife who put up with rotating rooms full of vintage furniture that she stubbed numerous toes and shins on late at night, and who lived in a house that was one part photography studio, one part marketing office, one part warehouse during her first two years of grad school. How she’s gotten two short stories published and almost straight As while all the noise of my life was going on is beyond me. I love you forever.

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  1. 😦 Ohhh. I just ‘discovered’ your blog today and thought how wonderful it was and saved it as a Favourite, then saw this, your latest post. Sorry to hear you are finishing your blog, but I know first-hand how much time and energy it takes to start, research and market a blog and keep it going (at a quality level, if you’re a perfectionist like I am, and from your articles I can tell you are!) so I empathise and understand. I also have given up a large part of my regular work to focus on my blog, definitely a leap of faith, but easier when you have a very supportive partner – good on your lovely wife. And the future does look bright! I still look forward to delving into your old articles. All the best 🙂

    November 24, 2013
    • Maya, Thank you so much for your kind words! Sometimes we wonder if we had only focused on a blog that it would still be going but our shop drained us and the business. It was really hard to make the decision to put this dream to bed, but upward and onward as they say. I wish you all the best. I checked out your blog and i’ve bookmarked it for future exploring. Looks like you are definitely on the right track, it’s beautiful.

      December 18, 2013
      • Thank you! Onward and upward for sure. I think it is brilliant that you gave it a crack and I think the articles you have written will stand the test of time. The fact that you have put quality content out there for people to enjoy and learn from for years to come – that can’t be taken away 🙂

        December 25, 2013

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