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Craft Beer Fridays — Maine Beer Company’s Peeper Ale

Peeper AleIt’s still not summer out there, but the weather is definitely warming up, which makes Maine Beer Company’s refreshing Peeper Ale a fantastic pour!

Based in Portland, Maine, the Maine Beer Company is very small, very green (they not only donate 1% of their proceeds to charity, they purchase wind credits to offset their carbon footprint and recycle as much as they can, including their spent grain, which goes to local farmers), and only fairly recently available in Massachusetts. With little extra cash for marketing, the company relies mostly on word of mouth to find new drinkers.

Luckily, the word is that you’re going to want to drink down Peeper Ale by the mouthful: crisp and hoppy with a hint of orange (and none of the bitterness that some hopped-beers get), it goes down easy, and pairs great with everything from spicy Thai food to cheese and crackers.

Sold by the pint, this beer is best when fresh, so pick up a few, and knock ’em back!

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