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Craft Beer Fridays – Pretty Things’ Saint Botolph’s Town

Pretty Things St. Botolph's

The only thing better than grabbing a 22-oz. beer for a(nother) snowy weekend is knowing your winter-warmer is keeping the heat on in a neighbor’s house!

Founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Dann and Martha Paquette, the Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project is right around the corner in Somerville, MA (and we’ve been fans for a long time!). Their Saint Botolph’s Town brown ale was originally conceived as a tribute to the city of Boston. Apparently the original Boston (England) was a linguistic mutt: named after the medieval saint, it started out as either “Botolph’s Town” or “Botolph’s Stone,” but over time, muddy pronunciation left us with the “Boston” that we know (and love!) today.

Though this beer isn’t nearly as heavy as Southern Tier’s Imperial Choklat, it has more than enough body to stand up to a wintry day. Malty,  nutty, and just a little toasted-tasting, this smooth ale perfectly complements a cheese tray (and cold days).

Make sure to snap up bottles of St. Botolph’s Town, and any of Pretty Things’ beers, when you see them; as tenant brewers (they rent brewery space, brew in the middle of the night, and let the host brewery bottle for them), just about everything they make is limited-edition, at least until they can get back into the brewery!

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