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Jewelry Announcement

The holiday season is in full swing, and we’re ready to decorate ourselves, and our Amperfans, with jewelry!  We are incredibly excited to begin this new venture, starting with two new jewelry lines, some things vintage and some things modern.

Anne Jarek Vintage JewelryThe first is from Anne Jarek, an experienced vintage picker and a friend since my sophomore year in high school. Even then, Anne was already a collector of vintage costume jewelry, a passion that began during childhood summers in Wellfleet, where she’d spend her days trolling the flea markets for rhinestone pieces to bring home and show off to her delighted Grandmother.

Over the years, Anne’s interests have evolved and now include Czechoslovakian glass, Bakelite, celluloid, Lucite, and much more. When she’s not treasure hunting, you can find Anne hiking in the White mountains. It’s no surprise that she hits the trails wearing pieces of her vintage jewelry to balance earthiness with her cosmopolitan sensibilities.

I could go on about the gorgeous, unique vintage pieces Anne has unearthed, but once you see her collection, you’ll realize that these fabulous finds speak for themselves. We’ll also be letting Anne speak for herself; she’ll be contributing articles to the site about everything from plastics identification to cleaning and repair techniques to our weekly TGIF craft beer salute! We are very excited to bring new collections from her on a regular basis, she has a wonderful eye and fits right into the Ampersand family.

The second line is from jewelry and furniture designer Katherine Elliott, whose stunning chevron line of jewelry blends modern looks with vintage vibes. I’m especially excited to carry this jewelry line since Katherine’s work holds a very special place in my heart: she designed the beautiful ring boxes I used at my own wedding, and which my wife and I still use to keep our rings safe while we’re working around the house.

KM Elliott Jewelry Designs

Katherine works in a diverse range of media and scale, from wood to metal, plastic, or textiles, and from small jewelry to eight-foot-tall sculptural laser-cut chairs. Her designs are uniquely concept-driven and often allow an idea to dictate the final form. Her keen aesthetic is supported by refined craft, resulting in work that is at once eye-catching, surprising, and clever. Katherine holds an M.F.A. in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and a B.A. from Smith College in Architecture. She lives and works in Somerville, MA.

A multi-talented artist, I’m hoping Katherine’s jewelry line will only be the beginning of her partnership with Ampersand.

But that’s not the end of the holiday fun, because in the spirit of the season, we’re giving away more fabulous gifts to our Amperfans!

Head to our facebook page now, follow the instructions, and you’ll be entered to win a fabulous jewelry piece in honor of our inaugural jewelry lines!

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