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Quick Tip: DIY Snapshots

The power of the camera phone can not be underestimated and with all the rumors surrounding the release of several new smartphones like the iPhone 5  I thought this would be a great time to share this with our followers.  I am constantly using the camera on my iphone as an everyday tool. Whether I take a quick snapshot of the ingredients of a recipe I’m shopping for or taking a picture of my latest DIY inspiration on the street; the list is simply endless when it comes to using your camera phone as a memory aid or means of completing tasks more efficiently. I’m sure I’m not recreating the wheel with today’s Quick Tip but this has been my favorite “discovery” in a while.

Creating photographic instructions for yourself using your phone

Create step-by-step photographic instructions for yourself using your camera phone.

Inevitably, you are going to have to disassemble something  and once everything’s apart, I’m sure many of you want to kick yourselves for naively thinking you’d remember how it goes back together. Well, here’s my easy answer to your problem. Take step-by-step photographic instructions of what you’re doing and then just go back through this simple documentation when it is time to reassemble. If there are screws or bolts of varying sizes and numbers per step I will not only photograph the step but the very next photo will be of the fasteners involved in that step. The last tip involved in this DIY survival post is to photograph the occasional group of steps if there is a particular order something has to be reassembled in. I used this to great success while doing an update to my ceiling fan where I needed to disassemble every single part so that I could spray paint it well. I think it goes without saying that when you’re dealing with electrical components you better get it right. Oh, and please remember to turn the house or apartments main power switch off at the fuse box. For more snapshot ideas check out this Apartment Therapy post.

Creating step-by-step instructions using your camera phone

Remembering what screw or bolt goes where and in what order your multitude of pieces goes is made easy.

Photographic step-by-step instructions using your camera phone

After working hard on your DIY project, make sure you can complete that last step, like making sure you can reconnect the electrical!


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