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Decorating with…Vintage Pulleys!

vintage pulleys at ampersand vintage modern

Displayed on their own or as part of a grouping, vintage pulleys can become really cool, sculptural pieces of art. The combination of the distressed wood and aged patina on the metal adds a rustic and industrial element to any room. We recently added a selection of old pulleys to the Ampersand Vintage Modern shop.

large iron pulley at ampersand vintage modern

wooden pulley at ampersand vintage modern

vintage pulley collection at ampersand vintage modern

While they serve as artifacts and evoke a bygone time in our history, vintage pulleys aren’t just nice to look at—they’re incredibly functional. Granted, you probably won’t be hooking them up to use on a ship or to lift bales of hay, but there are interesting and unique ways they can be used as decorative options around your home.

Something as simple as propping up books on a shelf looks amazing with pulley bookends!

vintage pulley bookends

Photo credit: Mamie Jane’s blog

These upcycled lighting fixtures made from old pulleys are pretty awesome (and probably would be pretty easy to duplicate)!

vintage pulley lightvintage pulley light 2

vintage pulley light 3

Photo credit: wendyumanoffstyle blog

vintage pulley light 4

Photo credit: Benclif Designs

Anytime something needs to be suspended from your ceiling or wall, adding a pulley makes it way cooler.

vintage pulley art display

Vintage pulley art display. Photo credit:

vintage pulley mirror hanging

Bathroom mirror installation. Photo credit:

vintage pulley pendant light

Hanging a pendant light. Photo credit: Cottage at Rooster Ridge

vintage pulley and lantern display

Great way to display two collections: pulleys and lanterns. Photo credit: Serendipity Refined.

However you decide to use or display these old pulleys, they’re a great conversation starter and an easy way to add a little history and industrial charm to your decor. Thanks for looking!

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