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TGIF Craft Beer Salute of the Week

Atwater Brewery Grand Circus India Pale AleHey kids, in honor of this week’s Craft Beer Salute of the Week, I’m rocking The Supremes “Baby Love” cause baby loves Motown and baby loves this India Pale Ale by Detroit’s Atwater Brewery. Located in Detroit’s historic and postmodern Rivertown district, this brewery has created their own postmodern brew house where they have imported all of their main brewing equipment from Germany. Their brewing process is most definitely a throwback since the method they use is over 200 years old.

Grand Circus IPA is Atwater’s idea of a day in the park, “a nice and easy, deliciously hoppy IPA – only 5%ABV and works perfect with a day in the park”. My favorite part of the description was the very next line, “Available in cans”. Err, um, no encouragement necessary thank you. We poured this picturesque golden colored beverage and found mild effervescence. It’s a hop-forward beer with a bitter linger, but for the sake of comparison, not as heavy on the hops as something like the IPA from Green Flash. This is a great tasting and thirst quenching beer, even out of a can. In fact, on this hot summer day, the thirst quenching thought was my very first reaction. As a quick side note, their labels are great and call to mind the industriousness of the working class in this Motor City. This comes as no surprise as Detroit’s blood, sweat, and tears was once a major component of the US economy. The Grand Circus IPA would pair well with a hearty burger or steak (if you’re trying to send the summer off in a fun way). Until next time lovers of the beer that is craft, enjoy, you’ve earned it.

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