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Handy Dandy Upholstery Chart

Last summer, Clytie and I went to a week-long upholstery camp at great little shop in Arlington. Beside some basics, we learned that upholstery done well is quite literally an art form. Other than skill, the one thing that can make or break an upholstery project is the fabric. Not only the choice of color or pattern, but also making sure that you have the right amount. Too much is a waste of money, not enough can be a heartbreaker. The worst thing is stripping your piece of furniture, taking all of the measurements, and realizing that you’re short on fabric by less than a yard. (Can you tell I’m writing from experience?)

Well, fear no more! I stumbled on this amazing yardage chart on Apartment Therapy the other day. It is coolest thing–it has illustrations of dozens of styles of chairs, ottomans, and sofas, and the corresponding number for yards of fabric you will need to upholster that particular piece. Genius!

chair upholstery yardage chart

stool sofa upholstery yardage chart

I’ve been wanting to move out of my comfort zone of pillow-making and chair seat-cover re-dos. This chart is perfect motivation for me to tackle some of those outstanding re-upholstery projects that are lingering in storage. Now, the next time I’m wandering the aisles at Zimman’s, I can pull up this chart on my phone and buy with confidence!

Here is a link to download the original pdf. Thanks Honey & Fitz and Apartment Therapy!

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