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Quick Tip: Gardening

Lettuce Planted in Window BoxI came across a little gardening miracle the other day while taking in my first harvest in the garden. I love salads and wanted to try planting my own lettuce even though I had been warned that planting lettuce was only great in theory. The “only great in theory” is because it takes forever to clean out all the dirt from the leaves, this effort makes the payoff not worth it for some time-strapped gardeners. I don’t know if that’s everyone’s experience so I decided to try it for myself this year. Here’s how I got lucky…

I ran out of room after working out the spacing in the main garden, I looked around and grabbed an empty window box I had taken down last season.

Beautiful Clean Lettuce

I decided to throw caution to the wind and threw the four seedlings I had in there, I figured it was better to try than waste it right? What I learned from this little move, is that the lettuce looks beautiful in a window box! But what’s more important was that by having the heads held together by the box it keeps the heads tighter. Whether you plant in a box or not, the next tip to get clean lettuce is all important, you must gently root water to reduce soil splash into the heads. Root watering is where you apply water directly to the ground instead of showering the whole plant, there are MANY benefits to this and truly the way it should be done. Between the box keeping the four heads of lettuce away from surrounding dirt and by root watering , I virtually eliminated all the loose dirt that could possibly soil these bad boys! Sorry, couldn’t resist the last pun.

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