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Decorating with…Chevrons!

For those of you less familiar with the chevron, it is an inverted v-shape pattern that is a classic in the world of decorating and design. It is commonly seen as an insignia of rank in the military. However, the chevron has been used as decoration for thousands of years–early examples have been found on ancient pottery that dates back to 1800 BC.

chevron banner grey

Chevrons are a trend that has been riding pretty strong for a few years now and it’s easy to see why. The simplicity of the pattern allows it to integrate into a variety of styles – contemporary to traditional – adding dynamic movement no matter what the context of the space.

apt therapy chevron wall

Clearly masculine to subtly feminine; bright and bold to understated…

design sponge chevron ceiling

pinterest painted chevron floordesignsponge gold chevrons

stephanie sabbe design chevron wall

Scaling the pattern up brings an immediate bold punch to a room, while integrating chevrons in a smaller way – through a throw or pillow – can add just a touch of drama within a larger room.

earth cadets chevron pillow

chevron table runner

red chevron carpet

The simplicity of the pattern makes it easily accessible for the DIY’er.

diy chevron planter boxes

chevron coat rack apt therapy


Andrew transformed our cornhole boards in a weekend!

chevron upholstered chair etsy

For something less permanent, incorporate chevron with art!

chevron gators

tessyla chevron deer

Regardless of how you decide to incorporate this timeless pattern, the chevron can provide just the right amount of texture, impact, and pizzazz to any space!

Photos courtesy of Design*Sponge, Etsy, Pinterest, Sabbe Design, Apartment Therapy, and Andrew Arbaugh. Thank you!


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