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TGIF Craft Beer Salute of the Week

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project - Fluffy White Rabbits beerRabbit, Rabbit everyone! It’s the first &VM words of June!!! I’ve been looking for an occasion to write about Somerville, MA’s,  Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project for a long time now, primarily for two reasons: one, they are one of my favorite craft beer producers of all time and two, because almost every beer I’ve tasted from my first sip of Baby Tree to this spring’s offering of Fluffy White Rabbits has been remarkable. Let me begin at the beginning:  Pretty Things isn’t a brewery. It’s a project, but most importantly, it’s a project that allowed owner Dann Paquette to not give up on his dream of brewing. Pretty Things founders Dann and Martha Holley-Paquette had no money to build or buy a full-scale brewery so they found an alternative—they rented a brewing space the way tenant farmers rent land. Today, the couple does everything from brew the beer to draw the labels to holding local tastings of the lovely elixirs they concoct.

I took my first sip of Pretty Things last summer at the restaurant where I worked, one of the first places in Boston to carry the duet’s clever, head-turning names on draft. Some short time later, I began to see some of my favorite local establishments carry some of the Pretty Things beers in their trademark 22-oz bomber bottles, I.e. Cambridge’s revered one-screen wonder, the Brattle Cinema (as if I needed more of a reason to be a Brattle junkie).   And so I slowly made my way around town and through their catalog. Despite each beer being brewed in a different style, each Pretty Things pint I tasted made me smile in wonderment.

Fluffy White Rabbits is brewed with Saaz, Styrian Goldings and Amarillo hops and they describe it as their take on a Triple, a beer style similar to a strong pale ale.

If you’re a Pretty Things novice, I recommend you go out and buy a different bottle each week and see which one you like best—the ones in between won’t disappoint, I promise. For me, Fluffy White Rabbits with it’s hazy golden hue is one of the crispest tasting beers they offer, making it a perfect beer for the oncoming warm weather Along with Baby Tree and Field Mouse’s Farewell, Fluffy White Rabbits is one of my favorites from this coolly eccentric label.

On a parting note, if you like beer and live in the area, the American Craft Beer Fest (ACBF) is today at the Seaport World Trade Center with some of the country’s coolest craft brewers. This is the East Coast’s largest craft beer festival and 50 bucks in cash gets you the chance to taste over 500 craft beers from 2oz tasters. Until next time, enjoy Fluffy White Rabbits and remember the Pretty Things motto, “These beers are for fun, not for display! Our beers are not precious jewels, they are happy peasants! Our motto is “Good Time Artisanal Beers”: hold us to it!” Happy Friday everyone.


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