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TGIF Craft Beer Salute of the Week

Organic Baba Black Lager by Unita Brewing Company

We’ve had a busy run here at Ampersand Vintage Modern over the past couple of weeks, from road-tripping to get new inventory to being at Somerville, MA’s, Drill Hall Flea Market, to being a featured vendor on—our lives have been nothing short of fun and fast-paced. And it’s only going to get busier as we get on the road again to search far and wide for the most unique inventory to add to our collection. So we thought, what better time to introduce a special new blogger to our TGIF Craft Beer Salute of the Week, someone who can hold down the fort while we’re gone, someone who loves and knows their craft beer (almost better than we do)! Without further ado, we introduce writer and beer enthusiast Claudia Ward-de León, this girl has also done the music critic thing for publications such as VenusZine, Skope, and Spin. For this week’s craft beer salute, she’ll give you a preview of Uinta’s BaBa Black Lager.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for good design and pretty labels. That’s really what first drew me to Uinta’s Baba Black Lager. I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but this beer is one exception that proved the old chestnut wrong. At first glance, this beer resembles a porter or a stout and despite its lager classification, for a color this dark, I just wasn’t expecting a beer that was so pleasingly smooth and downright delicious. I know some of you may be turned off by beer that pours out the color of black coffee, but trust me on this one, the texture is smooth and the body is deceivingly middle-of-the road. Now I’m not saying middle-of-the road is bad—I think that’s what makes this beer ideal for warm weather when not many of us want to be sipping anything as heavy as an IPA or a Belgian-style quad.

Oh, and did I mention Baba Black lager is available year-round, rated USDA organic and the brewery’s operations are 100% wind powered?  Hailing from Salt Lake City, the Uinta Brewing Company started off as a small operation—we’re talking the founders started brewing in a renovated mechanic’s garage—and is now a 26,000 square foot craft brewery. Perhaps most famed for being founded by Mormons, S.L.C. has some other cool things going for it like being host of the 2002 Winter Olympics. It’s also the place where indie-rockers, the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights,” video was filmed, and home to three classic turn of the 20th century movie theatres such as the Tower Theatre, one of the venues used during the annual Sundance Film Festival.

With 20 years of calling S.L.C home, the Uinta craft brewery currently offers three distinct lines of beer (classic, organic, and crooked; the latter of the three defined as beers with bolder tastes) and more than 20 different beers, all with labels as original (queue in Tiilted Smile,  Hazel, and 19th Birthday Suite)  as one little black sheep I’ve come to love. Bottoms up and see you next week!

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