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TGIF: Craft Beer Salute of the Week

Spine Tingler Belgian-style triple by MacTarnahan's Brewing COmpanyThis week I apologize for missing the last two, but sh*t be cray, cray. Even though I needed to play hooky for two weeks, I’ve been drinking some good beer. Our TGIF taste buds are traveling to the Boring Lava Fields, otherwise known as Portland, OR, this week. This “City of Roses” might be a slice of heaven for its microbreweries/distilleries, food carts, coffee and for being one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world, this is one green stop on the beer road that we needed to make.

We have to take a moment to applaud and recognize Portland as the home of the most breweries in the world. How could you find any reason to dislike a city officially nicknamed Beertown in January of 2006? There are more than 40 breweries in Beertown that seem to fill all nooks and crannies of the city, including the renovation of buildings of historical significance once slated for demolition. Love the beer initiative to reuse.

We’re rolling up to MacTarnahan’s Brewing Company for a little Spine Tingler action. This is a golden Belgiun-Style Triple that comes in at 8.5% ABV, is available in the spring and is the 3rd of a four beer specialty series they have developed in the last couple of years. They use pilsner malts and wheat, soooooo, not gluten free, with hops from Northern Brewer and Perle. Portland’s climate is not only ideal for growing roses but also ideal for supplying the local breweries with an abundance of local ingredients, including barley and hops. Everyone ready, here’s the pour… beautiful clear pale golden body, doesn’t appear to be to overly carbonated, nice head with no lacing on the glass. Immediate citrus aroma comes through with hints of herbal spice, not very malty or hoparific to the olfactory system. The malts do pop up on the pallet, as do the hops, but they’re subtle. It’s almost as if  a Heffeweizen and Duvel had a baby. You also get the sweetness of the sugar and I have to say this is something I’m not used to.  This is a decent,  drinkable Belgian-style triple, not a memorable one, but not a bad beer.

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