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TGIF: Craft Beer Salute of the Week

Asheville Brewing Company Growler of their Ninja Porter

My girlfriend went on a mind-clearing road trip last week to decompress from the stresses of a very demanding grad school program and came back on my 35th birthday bearing a growler of Asheville Brewing Company’s Ninja Porter.

Happy birthday to me! Deep chocolaty brown in color, this beer’s got a smooth drinkability that has me wishing I could purchase the Ninja locally. Does it live up to its name? Absolutely. Like a ninja, it’s dark, complex, and lethal? Well scratch the last bit, it’s really not lethal unless if by lethal you mean delicious.  This beer is one of many that Asheville offers, but they say it is one of their top selling brews. And I can see why: without being overly malty and burdensomely heavy, this beer has distinct malt notes to it and the carbonation cuts through any bitter after taste that might have lingered on the palate.

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  1. beerfridaybycng #

    Sounds tasty and love the name! I’ll have to look for it in my area.

    Tonight my fiance and I had Dogfish Head Johnny Cask. Read about it at

    C & G

    March 16, 2012
    • csadler77 #

      Sweet! Thanks for the feedback and I’ll be sure to check it out. I have tried a few of Dogfish’s brews but not that one, I’ll definitely check it out.

      March 22, 2012

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