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TGIF: Craft Beer Salute of the Week

Jack' s Abby Brewing Cascadian Schwarzbier picture of beer bottle labelMaybe it is my pale Germanic complexion that influenced the ladies at the Craft Beer Cellar to suggest Jack’s Abby Cascadian Schwartzbier as my pick of the week. Schwarzbier (“shvahrts-beer”), is simply German for black beer. This seasonal black lager is one of the very first offerings from a brand new bottling line located in an unlikely spot: Framingham, MA. If you want to support a local effort, this company sources its hops from their family farm in VT, so you can’t get more regional than that.

At just slightly over a pint, this beer is bottled in the traditional 16.9 ounce size and pours a dark chocolaty brown, while delivering a smooth, but rich drinkability not unlike a copper ale. As my first experience with the 3 brothers craft from Jack’s Abby Brewing, I must say that this beer is spot on. Especially, for this time of year. Upon first sip, you’re met with a delightfully smooth maltiness, juxtaposed with a slightly tangy contrast from the hops, though not as much work on the pallette as an IPA. The finish of the Schwartzbier may be the best part–it is pleasantly light, lingering briefly almost like a finely crafted espresso. This beer would compliment any wintry meal without being too heavy: a chili, stew, or even lend itself to being an ingredient in your next meal.

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