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TGIF: Craft Beer Salute of the Week

Cambridge Brewing Company Sgt. Pepper Farmhouse AleOur TGIF Craft Beer Salute of the Week comes from the flavor forward CBC, a.k.a. Cambridge Brewing Company. This  local favorite makes “flavor-forward, creative beers featuring local ingredients as an expression of the brewer’s art”. Their artwork has garnered both national and international recognition as one of the foremost craft brewers in the U.S.  But don’t let that fool you. CBC is all local–using local ingredients and following a model of sustainability by keeping their distribution within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For you locals and out-of-towners, head on over to Kendall Square and dabble in the brewer’s artistic pallet that resides there.

The design aspect of this week’s beer lies completely within it’s flavor. Sgt. Pepper is a sturdy farmhouse ale with complex flavoring that starts and ends with pepper. We were skeptical and really didn’t know what to think of this one. But I have to say, it gets an A in our book.  We are not even that crazy about Saisons/Farmhouse Ales, but it really shows you that they know what they’re talking about at the Craft Beer Cellar. It has a great drinkability, a robust pepper aroma, and a taste that is also earthy. But don’t worry, the pepper isn’t too overpowering. The after-effect is incredible as the pepper matures with a mild heat. This is a great beer to pair with food and wins with flavor and creativity points big time! Drink up and enjoy your weekend everyone, you deserve it.

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