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TGIF: Craft Beer Salute of the Week

We’re trying something new, beer that is!

Every Friday, we are going to help you end your workweek by bringing you a new craft beer that has tickled our fancy. The reason is simple: beer is fun and craft beer is even more fun! Not only do they taste great but these little breweries tend to put a lot of whimsy and great design into the branding of their craft. We love that.

Our source, Craft Beer Cellar of Belmont, is a small local business where I live that has made craft beer, customer service, and hospitality their only business. They have over 800 different craft beers and even let you make your own 6-pack–you can have your very own tasting party any time you want! We are bringing you the week’s best craft beer from local experts. So drink up, and if you’re in the area check out their great store!

Our first shout out goes to Slumbrew by the Somerville Brewing Company. We love that their mission is to bring craft and beverage together where, “well conceived, locally-sourced, quality products should be an every day part of our lives–not a unique occurrence.” Well played, Slumbrew, well played.

We are going to raise the flag on this new weekly post by featuring their Flagraiser IPA, an India Pale Ale. This is their hoppy tribute to the raising of the Grand Union flag atop Prospect Hill back in 1776. This one is for the hop lover and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did as our pick of the week!

Slumbrew - Flagraiser IPA The Somerville Brewing Company

Slumbrew - Flagraiser IPA The Somerville Brewing Company

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