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Old Try: Southern-Inspired Letterpress Prints

old try logo

I’ve always had an affinity for the South. There is something intrinsically nostalgic about the books, movies, and songs that are set there. As a youngster growing up in the Northeast, I longed to visit my pseudo-grandmothers from the Golden Girls in Miami, and I could recite the entire screenplay of “Steel Magnolias” before I had my driver’s license. Yes, my view of the South was slightly skewed and not entirely authentic.

The true essence of the South is brought to you through the artwork and prints by the design team known as Old Try. Based out of Arlington, Massachusetts, a lovely couple with roots in Alabama and North Carolina formed Old Try as a means of celebrating their heritage. And I’d say they done good!

American Southern Gothic: The Whitson's of Old Try.

Being from the South themselves, their point-of-view is genuine. And even though they currently make their home north of the Mason-Dixon Line, their love for “what they know” shows in each print that’s pulled. What I especially like about Old Try posters is that they represent the South without relying on stereotypes and clichés. While they may use an image, shape, date, or saying that is instantly recognizable, their spin on it is unique and fresh and before you know it…a new symbol of the South is born.

Here is a sampling of the southern sassiness you’ll find over at Old Try:

"General Manners No. I"

"The Line"

This one is my favorite--this week. After all, the hubs is from North Florida.

Clever and cool…check out the rest of the Old Try collection here!

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  1. Nice! Love the please and thank you print.
    As a Northerner, when I move to NOLA, I nearly fell over when a stock boy in the grocery store called me Ma’am. I thought he was implying I was old.

    February 8, 2012
  2. Thanks, Lynn! Yeah, I like that one too. NOLA, I have always wanted to visit there–for the food, culture, and architecture!

    February 8, 2012

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