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It’s official—the holiday shopping season has begun! I consider myself a good shopper. Who am I kidding? I pride myself on it. Mainly, I like to get good deals. And while I appreciate a good deal, you will never find me camped outside a Best Buy in a pup tent on Thanksgiving.

The past few years, my mantra has been the same: NO. MALL. SHOPPING. My reasoning is pretty simple. There is nothing that will suck the joy out of the season more than being stuck in traffic, fighting for a parking spot, and searching for over-priced, boring gifts in stores where the sales clerks are more concerned with texting than customer service.

One of the hottest trends right now is having daily shopping deals, like Groupon, sent to your e-mail. I have been obsessed with lately. If you’re not familiar with Fab and Groupon-type services, here’s a quick lowdown:

You visit one of these websites:, Groupon, Living Social, Foundry, Joss and Main, etc., and you sign-up to have special promotions notifications sent to your e-mail. Each service varies slightly in regards to what types of deals they offer–some feature restaurants and retailers that can be found in your local area, while others are geared toward a general niche, such as fashion, home decor, or design. Regardless, the common threads are: new deals are announced daily and available for a limited time, the discounts are usually significant (20-70% off!), and the special offers are only accessible to those who have registered. is different. The products they offer are more varied and interesting than the others, and their focus is clearly more design-driven. The best way for me to describe the inventory at Fab is that it is similar to what you might find at Etsy, except minus the homespun fugliness and you don’t have to go searching for the good stuff. What makes Fab’s collection stronger and more interesting is that their collection is curated by their group of discriminating editors–featuring individual artists, retailers, and designers that are cherry-picked for their unique and inspired wares.

While some products are tilted more towards the trendy and hipster crowd (moustache rings, anyone?), there is virtually something for everyone on your list: Artwork, home decor, games, fashion, pets, books, toys, jewelry, etc.

Here are some cool things that are available now:

They offer a variety of art prints at affordable prices:

Fab even has vintage and antique pieces from time to time:

Like the rest, Fab has daily deals that are offered at limited quantities for a limited time. However, what I particularly appreciate is their Holiday Shop that offers 100+ of their best-selling gift ideas under $100 for an extended period of time for season.

I rest my case. Forbes magazine has said that Fab is to Groupon as Facebook is to MySpace. So, if you want to get some stress-free holiday shopping done in the coolest and most exclusive store in town, check out You won’t even have to leave your couch! And for Fab shopping on the go, download their iPhone app.


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