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How We Live (she said)

My identical twin sister and I bought a two-family home three years ago. We call it the twinplex, because there’s twin 1 (me) on the first floor and twin 2 (the sister) on the second floor. Also, both levels share a nearly identical floor plan.

We had been looking for a while, and I was becoming discouraged. I never thought we’d find something we’d both like. She had come back to the listing multiple times–drawn in by the pink ’50s bathroom tile. As for me, I love period details and the vintage stuff, but pink trumps all in the dislike category.  My sister kept saying she had a really good feeling about the place; she knew that it was our home. I just sighed and told her to go look at it. If she loved it, I would go with her for a second viewing.  Needless to say, she loved it. When I went to look at it, she warned me that while the second floor was lovely, the first floor was…interesting. Interesting, because it was obvious that a hoarder lived there. The three things I remember most were: how dark it was, that I couldn’t even get into the closets, and that there was a cat box in every room, but not a single cat (that I could see anyway). Thank god for the second floor and the beautiful backyard I viewed at sunset. As the closing date arrived, we did a final walk through. The closets were even bigger than the second floor which was great news but there was a hole in the kitchen floor and a hole in the wall of what would become my office. We had our work cut out for us.

Fortunately, I had just started dating a landscape architect and RISD grad who truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of design.  I must attribute the curated-like beauty of my home, and the design aesthetic I developed in the course of the relationship, to this brilliant person.  I truly believe that this was the second biggest milestone/experience that I needed to push me towards this new endeavor in my life. If you missed my first, you can read about it here. My home is now a mix of reclaimed barn pieces, mid-century love, vintage wares, and industrial accents.  My photos are more of my favorite objects and accent pieces and less of my furniture, due to the inventory that packs my house at the moment–I really am living and breathing &VM 24/7! So, without further ado, this is how I live…

When I walk into my home, I’m greeted by both of my grandfathers. They are tucked away on the beautifully caned bottom shelf of a mid-century side table I found at an antiques market.  The glass containers are from my grandfather’s hardware store and the duck decoy dates back to my other grandfather’s hunting days. I love that they sit together…

vintage duck decoy and vintage glass hardware store container

Sitting above this in the entry is another reminder of my grandfather and  my father. The flag is from the the 12-Meter racing yacht, Enterprise, the 27th contender built for the prestigious America’s Cup. My father and grandfather built this boat as a contender to another 12-meter that they built, Courageous, that went on to win the Cup the year I was born. I found the C in an old building I was doing some environmental monitoring in for my “pay-the-bills” job.

vintage letter C and 12-Meter Sailboat Enterprise flag 27

To round out the sailing history, here is a cut-aluminum, skeleton model my father made of one of the 12-Meters. It hangs from my back porch and is just wonderful to look at…

aluminum 12-meter model sun behind
aluminum 12-meter model up close

From the entry way, you turn directly into my living room. Displayed on a window sill, is this early ’70s seagull from the late Cape Cod artisan, Susan Davis. The brown glassware held chemicals from my grandfather’s photo developing days.  The opposite corner of the window holds a vintage crab meat can from my great, great uncle Herb’s crab meat packing plant in Maryland, called Sadler’s Crab Meat. The can holds old paint stirrers sold at my great grandfather’s hardware store, Sadler’s Hardware. Who knows, had Andy not decided to join me on this adventure I probably would have called it Sadler’s Vintage Stuff!

Susan Davis Seagull and brown chemical bottles
vintage Sadler's Crab Meat can and vintage Sadler's Hardware paint stir
Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of things from the natural world during geology trips or regular old hikes.  Finding a way to integrate them with other found objects in my home has proven to be quite fun. You will find all sorts of rocks, corals that were washed ashore, and an old rotted out cactus mixed in everywhere…

metamorphic rock with coral on a vintage scale

cactus globe and industrial green medical cabinet

coral on display
My favorite room in the house has to be my butler’s pantry. I love how the white shelves pop against the Chelsea grey walls which makes for the perfect spot to place brightly colored accents!

yellow owl trivet, vintage Skat can and a collection of vintage matchbooks

Ampersand with Pyrex mugs

These photos are a sneak peak into how I live. You can browse the entire collection, including more photos from my backyard, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, in the How We Live (She Said) photo album on our Facebook page!

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  1. Thank you for letting us into your home, and showing us the pieces that mean so much to you. It’s lovely!

    October 23, 2011
    • csadler77 #

      It was a lot of fun to share!

      October 23, 2011

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