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Crunch Time, Website Update

Wow! I just looked at the calendar–where did all the time go? Remember, when you were little and summer vacation seemed to last forever?! I wish…

Upholstery Camp was so much fun last week, but it took up a huge chunk of our time. I only have two weeks left before I start teaching again, and we still have quite a bit remaining on the to-do list.

Our top priority is: THE WEBSITE! It’s difficult to have an online business without a website. As I mentioned before, we’ve been working with an incredibly talented graphic designer. Her work is pretty much completed, and she’s turned the pages over to our web developer. Everything is moving along quite nicely. BUT, we haven’t finished taking all of the photos yet.

We spent most of yesterday taking pictures of the inventory. Both Clytie and I like photography and understand and have an eye for basic composition, but when you factor in temperamental lighting and working with a digital SLR camera that isn’t your own, we’re rendered practically useless. Thankfully, we have the help of a designer friend who does staging for IKEA. Despite the technical roadblocks, we made a small dent in the picture-taking, and seem to have a functional working knowledge of the equipment. We’re slowing moving forward, but have miles to go before we sleep, miles to go before we sleep…

Website Outtake


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